Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Class Gathering with ALL Fulltime Classes!!

In just over a month we will have our next "reunion" Rally in Boerne, Texas (See info on the Sidebar!) Since we always have so much FUN when we all get together, and we have "adopted" so many Fulltimers and Partimers, we have named this Rally...the First Class Rally, for all Fulltiming classes (and for those that don't have a "Class"...come join us and we'll adopt you!)
Please see our post on the Escapee's Forum under Graduating to Fulltime....there you will find the pertinent information!!!
The cost of the Rally is $15.00, plus your camping fees, and as always, any un-used monies will be donated to CARE, along with any other contributions during the Rally!

New this year will be the introduction of our "Sheriff"!!! If you want to know who it is, then you have to show up!!! And all of his "fines" will be sent to CARE!!! It promises to be more great fun!!!

Saddle up, y'all and head to Boerne!!! Hope to see everyone there!! BIG HUGS!!!

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